Suomen Tunturisuunnistus/Finland’s Fellorienteering at Kilpisjärvi 3.-4.8.2019


Pair classes: : H/D21A, H21B, H/D21C, H/D80, H/D95, H/D110, H/D125, H140, H/D38, H/D32. In pair classes the age of a pair is the age of both members of the pair added together. Age of an individual is computed here using the birth year only. In classes H/D32, H/D38 the maximum pair age is 32 or 38 years. In classes H/D80, H/D95, H/D110, H/D125, H140the minimum pair age is 80, 95 110,125,140.

Mixed pair classes:H/DA, H/DB, H/DC. In these series there is age compensation 1 min/year when the pair age is over 80 years. Birth years of both competitors are required to compute the compensation. For entries in pair classes, birth years of both competitors are required.

Individual classes:H/DA, H/DB.

Motionclass:You can participate as individuals (KUNTOHENK) or in pairs (KUNTOPARI).
No orienteering competition license is required for participation to any class.
Entry fees

To pair classes 68€/pair, junior classes 60€/pair, individual classes 34€/person, motionfitness classes 60€/pair or 30€/person. One day fee is half of the full fee. 

The entries should be made using IRMA system ( before midnight 27.7. You need to registrate to the system to make the entry. You can only make entry for both days – if you ar , participating for one day only send your entry to daniel.lehtonen(a) and pay your entry fee to account FI905533004009998, Länsi-Rajan Rasti.
Late entries are possible with 1,5 times the normal entry fee until midnight 29.7. using above entry methods .

Saturday 3.8.2013, mass start at 13:00.

Sunday 4.8.2013, pursuit starting at 10:00, motion classes mass start at 11:00.

Emit punching. In pair classes both competitors must have an emit card. If you have your own emit-card the number of the card must be given when registrating for the competition. Emit-rent is 5€/day at the competiton centre info, cash required.

Competition centre
Kilpisjärven Luontokeskus, Käsivarrentie 14145, 99490 Enontekio. Parking will be near the competition center.

Fellorienteering map 1:25000 or 1:30000, contour interval 5 m, color printout.

Fell area of Kilpisjärvi

Possibly at classes H/D21A, HDA and at individual classes H/DA

All competitors finishing the first day will be given a commemorative prize. Product prizes for the competition classes will be given based on results of the both days.

Competition organization

Event Director: Niina Jaako, njaako(a), 0504144119
Course setter: Jorma Pietiläinen, jormapietilainen20(a), 0400391419

Course advisor: Arto Vilppola, AlatPi

Competion web site: