Event Invitation – Finnish Fell Orienteering – Saariselkä, Lapland, Finland 6.-7.August 2022

Competition courses

The target times for the extra long distances are 2.5 hours (H21) and 2 hours (D21) respectively. All other distances are set in relation to the extra long distances. The exact course lengths will be specified once course setting progresses. The best contestants in their series will be awarded a prize based on the combined result.

All classes are open for competitors without licence. Registration only in advance.


Competition Classes

Pairs: H/D21A, H21B, H / D21C, H / D80, H / D95, H / D110, H / D125, H / D140, H / D38, H / D32.

In age-specific classes 32 and 38 the combined age must not be more than 32 or 38 years.
In age-specific classes 80, 95, 110, 125, 140 the combined age must be no less than 80, 95, 110, 125, 140 years.

Mixed: H / DA, H / DB, H / DC.

Age compensation 1 min per year when the couple’s combined age exceeds 80 years. Please indicate the contestors’ year of birth when registering.

Individual: H / DA, H / DB.


Recreational course

If you would like to enjoy the magnificent landscape of Northern Lapland without competitive pressure, this is the right course for you. The recreational course is shorter (about 10 km) and easier than the competitive courses. Prizes will be awarded in a raffle, not based on results like in the competitive series. You can participate individually or with a partner and also register on the day of the event at the competition center.

There are two classes for the course course:

  • ”KUNTOPARI” Recreational / pairs
  • ”KUNTOHENK” Recreational / individuals


Participation fee

Pairs for 2-day event

  • Adults competition € 70.00 / pair
  • Juniors competition € 62.00 / pair
  • Recreational course € 62.00 / pair

Individuals for 2-day event

  • € 35.00 / person
  • Recreational course € 31.00 / person

Single day fee is ½ the above.
Late registration 1½ times the normal fee.
Recreational course fee paid at the competition venue 26 € / person / day.



Registrations are requested by Thursday July 28th at 24:00 via the IRMA system. Registration via the IRMA system is only possible for the full 2-day event. Registration must be entered via the 1st day of the event (August 6th). Registration via the 2nd day of the event is not possible. Participants without a competition licence must also register via IRMA system. Registration does not require redemption of a competition licence. Payment will be made via IRMA during the registration process.

Registration for one day only must be made via e-mail to lapin.sudet@gmail.com until July 28th at 24:00. The registration is only valid after receipt of the full entrance fee onto the account of Lapin Sudet:

IBAN FI37 5641 4220 0416 16

Payment is requested at time of registration.

Late registration is possible by Tuesday, August 2, 2022, 24:00 via IRMA. Possible EMIT (electronic control card) number changes and one-day late registrations by e-mail to lapin.sudet@gmail.com by Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022 at 24:00. In case of any problems with the registration, please contact Janne Hannola via e-mail (janne.hannola (a) gmail.com)

Link to the IRMA registration

For the recreational course you can also register on the day of the event at the competition center. If you register at the competition center the price is 26 € per person per day (Advance registration fee is 31€ per person for the full 2-day event).


Competition start

  • Saturday August 6th at 1 p.m – joint start
  • Sunday August 7th at 10.00 – chase start / joint start for recreational course at 11.00

Starting points are located 2-3 km from the competition center. Please allow about 45 minutes to proceed to the start on both days.



This event uses the electronic punching system EMIT. Please enter your personal EMIT control card number via IRMA during registration. In case you do not have an EMIT control card, you can rent one at the event venue information for 5€ per day. If you compete in pairs, both team members must use their personal EMIT control cards at each checkpoint.


Competition Center

The competition center is located at the Hotel Riekonlinna in the Saariselkä tourist resort. Parking will be available near the competition center. Signs guiding participants to the competition center will start from the Route 4 / E75 junction Saariselkä.


The competition maps will be printed mountain orienteering maps, scale 1:25 000 or 1:30 000, with a contour line interval of 5 m.


Competition Area and Terrain

The competition will be held in the Saariselkä fell area, east of Road 4 / E75. The terrain is mainly gentle fells, moderate elevation, and suitable for fast-paced orienteering.


GPS tracking

GPS tracking will not be organised.



  • The best contestants in their series will be awarded a prize based on the combined result.
  • Prizes for the recreational course will be drawn. The winners of the raffle will be published on the notice board of the competition center on Sunday morning.


Childcare centre (Muksula)

The competition center has a child care center called Muksula. All children to be left in the Muksula must be registered no later than August 2, 2022 by e-mail at lapin.sudet (a) gmail.com. Guardians must provide the name and age of the child coming to the Muksula and the name and mobile number of the guardian when registering. The fee for Muksula is 10 € / day / child. Payment is made in cash when the child is brought to the Muksula.


Contact Details

Competition Director: Janne Hannola, janne.hannola (a) gmail.com, +358 45 223 3641
Course setters team leader: Juhani Ylönen, mejussi1959 (a) gmail.com, +358 400 672 152
Public communications: Jan Denks, jan.denks (a) icloud.com, +358 40 544 4298
Supervisor: Raimo Tolonen, LänRa